The product range covers a group of diffusers, control dampers, fire dampers, zoning systems and chilled beams; adapted for different types of installation in homes, commercial premises, offices, theatres, sporting installations, industrial buildings,… The development, production and sale of products follow a strict ISO 9001: 2008 quality control system.

Fire protection

FIRE PROTECTION Fire dampers for duct mounting. Dampers for horizontal or vertical assembly, [...]

Air flow control VAV and CAV dampers

AIR FLOW CONTROL VAV AND CAV DAMPERS The constant air volume series dampers (CAV) are designed to facilitate [...]

Zoning System

ZONING SYSTEM Zonning System is a modular zoning kit designed for independent temperature [...]

Jet Nozzels

JET NOZZELS The jet nozzles have been designed specifically to provide air diffusion into large spaces. They are [...]

Air Supply And Return Grilles

AIR SUPPLY AND RETURN GRILLES Air Supply and Return Grilles are designed to be used in air-conditioning, ventilation [...]

Swirl Diffusers

SWIRL DIFFUSERS Swirl diffusers are designed to be applied in air conditioning ventilation and heating systems. They can [...]

Slot diffusers

SLOT DIFFUSERS Linear diffusers are designed to combine the aesthetics with the technical performance. They can be mounted [...]

Chilled Beams

CHILLED BEAMS Chilled Beam is an air/water induction terminal unit that simultaneously provides the supply, thermal treatment and [...]